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Eyeliner: Post Treatment

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Post Treatment instructions for eyeliner

1. We recommend that eye drops be used every one to two hours after the procedure for the first day. If needed, a steroid eye drop may be prescribed as well. You may use an ice pack with a clean barrier such as a tissue for ten minutes maximum per hour. It is not recommended to use ice packs after three hours. After care ointment should be applied AM and PM (and in between if needed) with new cotton swabs and gently dabbed along the eyelashes of the upper and lower lids. DO NOT DOUBLE DIP. This means that you must always use a new cotton swab when you touch a swab to your eyes area. The ointment is used to prevent infection and minimize crusting. Do not get any ointment into your eyes—if this happens rinse eyes with water.

2. Avoid touching the eye area except for clean cotton swabs and any clean warm compresses.

3. Keep the treatment area moist/covered with after care ointment.

4. You should expect a certain amount of mattering around the eyelashes in the morning, and /or swelling of the eyelids, caused by natural nighttime fluid retention. The eye area may be cleaned gently with clean, warm compresses. Be sure to apply your ointment to the treatment area afterwards.

5. You may experience some itchiness or irritation. Under no circumstance should you pick, scratch, or rub the eyelid margins or make any attempt to remove crusty material along the eyelashes. Removal of the crusts may result in removal of the actual pigment.

6. Baths and showers are permitted after 24 hours. Avoid soaking the area. Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs for 10 days. After 10 days or after the pigment scabs over (whichever comes first), you may resume all normal methods of swimming and bathing.

7. No eye makeup for at least 5 days. If you use mascara after 5 days, start with a new tube. After 7-10 days, all regular makeup can be resumed without any further complications.

8. Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure. If possible, bring eyeglasses to wear home from the procedure.

9. For the first 24 to 48 hours, it is not unusual to experience some light sensitivity, and the use of dark sunglasses is permitted and recommended. We recommend wearing sunglasses for the first week following the procedure.

10. Avoid tanning beds and sun exposure for two weeks or until the treatment area heals.

11. Be especially careful not to touch your eyes if you have pets, as bacteria can easily be transferred.