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Lip Color

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Choosing a Lip Color

It’s all in the ‘hue’.

Lip colors are largely your preference—we say largely because you will never know until you get to see the color smeared on your lip. Sometimes a color that looks perfect for you on paper looks wrong in person, and sometimes a color you never paid attention to turns out to be the one. Everyone has natural blue undertones in their lips, which can change the look of color when it is smeared on. Some ethnic skin types have a lot of brown in their lips as well. To counteract this, select a color that has a little more orange in it than you would normally choose, and I will do a patch test to see how it heals on your lip.

SofTap lip colors are divided into four groups: mauve/pink, orange/pink, brown/pink, and red/pink.

Mauve/Pink: These colors are great for pale, ruddy, and rosy complexions where there is a lot of warmth present.

Orange/Pink: These colors are best on Asian skin types who like warm colors. Brown/Pink: Excellent for those who do not normally wear bright lip colors, but like a more relaxed, earthy look. Note that if you already have a lot of brown in your natural lip color, your skin will turn these colors browner, choose an orange/pink to compensate for this.

Red/Pink: These colors look great on all skin types.